Our Partnership with Petco Stores

in Roseville and Blaine Increases our Cat Adoptions

Cause for Paws houses some of our adoptable cats in the adoption habitats at the Petco Stores in Roseville and Blaine.  The in-store adoption site allows potential adopters to see some of our adoptable cats during store hours.  The cats are housed at the kennels for three to five days at a time and we carefully choose which cats would be comfortable in that setting.  While the cats are there, a Cause for Paws’ volunteer visits with the cats daily and Petco staff tend to the cats as well.


The adoption kennels have helped more of our cats get attention and get adopted.  If you are in the Roseville or Blaine area, please stop by and visit with our kitties. 


A big thank you to the Petco staff at both locations for offering Cause for Paws this opportunity.

After 24 years, we are still holding true to our original mission - to help as many cats in the community as we can by offering a small but successful cat adoption program,  as well as providing financial assistance for spay or neuter surgeries for owned, barn, or community cats through our partnership with MN SNAP. 

We are very proud of the impact our little group has had in the cat community. We focus with pride on our mission: foster care and adoptions and spay/neuter assistance.

For more information, if you are considering cat adoption, please feel free to email us at     cause4paws@hotmail.comor stop by one of our Meet and Greet events  to see what we are all about or you   can give us a call too.  

                                                      You can find our cats and kittens that are waiting for adoption at 


                                                      All cats have been Felv/FIV tested, microchipped, vaccinated against distemper

                                                      and rabies, spayed or  neutered, and any other required medical procedures

                                                      (such as dentals, x-rays, etc.)  prior to going to their permanent  home.


                                                      The adoption fee is $175.

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Who Are We? 

Founded in April 1998, Cause for Paws is a small all-volunteer group of friends who love cats  and are dedicated to helping stray and abandoned cats find loving, permanent homes through cat adoption.  Cause for Paws takes in cats mainly from animal control facilities or from overcrowded shelters and cares for them in volunteer foster homes until they are adopted.  Our small group typically takes in the cats that other rescue groups may choose not to accept – the older ones, the shyer ones, the ones needing surgery or other major medical care, the black cats, or the overlooked “Plain Janes.”   


Still after 20 plus years, we still find great joy in finding that wonderful, loving home for that cat who has been waiting a month, or even two or four years for their very own home.

What We Do 

Our main goal is finding the purrrfect forever home for our

kittens and cats.   Cause for Paws takes in cats mainly from

animal control facility or from over-crowded shelters. 

Volunteers will foster them in their homes until they are

adopted.   While they are staying in their foster homes, Cause

for Paws provides their basic needs including veterinary care, 

food and other necessary supplies -- all the foster volunteers

need to supply is a safe environment with plenty of love and attention.  (Our foster families observe and take careful notes about the kitties they’re watching and because of this, we can find out about each cats personality, disposition, temperament, how they interact with other animals as well as kids and adults.  We can also learn if there are any medical issues during this time too).  All this goes towards helping our feline friends find the perfect family and their forever home.

Upcoming Meet & Greet Dates

We're back!

.... to having in-person Meet and Greets. 

Come visit us and some of our

adorable adoptable cats at

our next Meet & Greet



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Waiting for Adoption

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Waiting for Adoption

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Working With MN SNAP

As funds allow, Cause for Paws partners with Minnesota Spay/Neuter Assistance Program 

(MN SNAP) to provide financial assistance for spay and neuter surgeries for owned cats,

barn cats, and community cats.  Since we started, we have provided almost $60,000

in funds towards these efforts.  In the spring of 2020, Cause for Paws is offering

financial assistance for cats at a MN SNAP clinic being held at the Lakes Area Humane

Society in Alexandria.  The last time Cause for Paws assisted with a clinic at this location,

35 cats were spayed or neutered.  Imagine the difference that can make in the number of

unwanted cats in the area!